2010年6月2日 星期三

The Economy of Chongqing


* Chongqing is the largest industrial and commercial city in southwestern.

* The GDP per capita of Chongqing was 9038 RMB in 2003,which is ranking number 303 among 659 cities in China.

* The three primary industries in Chongqing are:
1. Machine-building industry (automobile and motorcycle manufacture)
2. Chemical industry (natural gas chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry)
3. Metallurgical industry (quality steels and aluminum materials)

* The four overriding sectors in Chongqing are:
1. Electronic information sector
2. Foodstuff sector
3. Building Material sector
4. Daily-use chemical product sector

* The important productions on commodity are mainly:
1. grain
2. pork
3. silkworm cocoons
4. oranges
5. tangerines
6. leaf tobacco

* Recently, with government policies, Chongqing is planned to be the beachhead for further developing western part of China. This is because Chongqing is located at the head of reservoir behind the Three Gorges Dam. Foreign investment in Chongqing is growing rapidly and it has become a "Gateway to the west".

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